OSIKHUE EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (OSEDI), is an independent, non-political, non-religious, non-profit and non-governmental organization resolved to advancing and supporting sustainable development as foundation of national building.  OSIKHUE EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (OSEDAI) deals with issues concerning people – women, youths and Children with Special Needs – (Down’s Syndrome, Autisms etc) -Infected and their Affected parent (s) in the communities.



The passion underpinning the establishment of OSEDAI was borne out of a strong resolution to contribute in the physical and human development of women, youth, children with special needs and parents or ward in our communities for a better Nigeria for sustainable development.

The concept of OSEDAI yearnings is derived from the critical needs to find an alternative platform to fill the identified gaps between knowledge and application as it relates to these affected group of persons in our communities in order to enable them take charge of their lives.

The organization designed programs are basically rooted at Collaborative Advocacy from within and outside, Capacity Building, Poverty Eradication, Gender Equality, Education, Empowering Community Support Groups and Legislation.



Our mission is to empower/provide health enlightenment to women, youth and people in the communities, with intervention geared towards the improvement in the quality of life and sustainable development of Nigeria society.



Our aspirational “Goal” is to improve the life, health condition and elimination and prevention of all forms of stigma, discrimination or violence against people at the rural communities especially Children with Special Needs (Infected)  and Affected parents or guardians and its link to sustainable development.



  • To promote and improve the health and development of people including Special Needs children, (Down’s Syndrome, Autisms etc) youths and women.


  1. To cater for members needs, and the general welfare of the people especially the less privileged in our communities.


  1. To empower people youths, women and also children with Special Needs, (Down’s Syndrome, Autisms etc) parents and Care Givers.


  1. To provide health education and information to people, children, youth and Special Needs Children including Affected parents or wads to reduce the risks associated with communicable and non communicable diseases through behavior change communication strategy.


  1. To organized seminars, motivational talks, leadership seminars to health care providers, infected children with Special Needs and Affected (Parents or Guardians) in our community settings.


  1. To build the minds of people including parents of Special Needs’ Children and sensitize them for a better living in the society.


  1. To carry out campaign/support for the provision of micro credit, sustainable agro based schemes, run skills acquisition centers and also facilitate the establishment of new skills for the general public including Children with special needs and their parents or care givers.


  1. To promote gender equality and economic empowerment for women, youths, special needs children and their affected parents for environmental sustainability.


  1. To eradicate poverty through rural communities development, capacity building and solicits with other charities, voluntary/ statutory bodies for the achievements of the organizational objectives and goals.


10.  To advocate and promote all forms of rights of people – women, youths and children with special needs, free from all harmful traditional practices and customs.